When you work from home and have anxiety

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Working remotely can be amazing and it can be challenging. More challenging when you experience anxiety. There are so many benefits to working from home: no commute, more flexibility for family schedules, comfort and ease, etc. There is protection from interactions when you feel more anxious on some days, but at the same time, it can make you more anxious when you do have to connect.

While you may have anxiety, you may also be lonely. There are no other adults to chit chat with. To talk about the weekend, what the kids are doing, or the thing with your mother-in-law.

This is where our lunch group comes in!

When you work from home and have anxiety

Let’s Connect

  • About the common and not-so-common ups and downs of working remotely and being anxious- you are NOT alone

  • Ways to manage anxiety when it can be a barrier for you

  • About time management and productivity

  • About boundary setting re: house tasks, child care, errands, naps, working until 11pm, etc.


  • The transformative power of connection: being heard and seen by others who truly get it.

  • Feeling safe and supported without fear of consequence or judgment.

  • You’re allowed to take a lunch, you’re allowed to connect, you need to interact with other humans during the day!


Thursdays from 1pm-2pm starting in October.


$40/group paid monthly. A commitment of 4 sessions (1 month) is required to start group. If cancellations happen due to therapist illness or inclement weather, fee will be adjusted accordingly.

Who I am as the facilitator:

Yes, I’m a therapist, but I’m a also a real person: a wife, a mom, a daughter, a trampoline lover, a kickboxer, a book hoarder, a makeup junkie, and coffee connoisseur.  One of my values is connection; when people have anxiety, it can deter connection. I know how rejuvenating, relieving, and rewarding it can be when people are able to build connections with others. Everyone deserves this experience. I want to help create it for you.

I've been running groups with various populations, genders, and ages since 2005.  There is no greater feeling or energy than the group "buzz" when connection bounces around like sparks.   Being supported like this in a group setting is incredibly healing. 

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